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Chen Karlsson Team

Chen Karlsson Team

Chen Karlsson Favourite Things Lamp

We just uploaded a bunch of images at our facebook page, among them the album “the Making of Favourite things“. Here you will find out how the product came to live, all the way from the idea which sparked from a visit to the Natural Sciences museum in Stockholm, to a product available in whole Europe and Asia. You will also find images and inspiration boards from our textiles, the platevase, our colletion for Indiska an much more. Welcome to come and visit.

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  • Oh wow, they’re lovely! Especially love the bird! My house is a mess, we’re still in the preoscs of renovating the whole thing and bringing in anything pretty just highlights the awful decor we inherited. I do have a cross-stitch up though that I made about 11 years ago whilst bedridden and on really heavy meds/ pain killers- working on that thing saved me, and looking at it up on our walls now constantly reminds me how strong I am, what I have survived, even if nobody else does.