Protesting “the waste of tax payers’ money”

Two unknown gentlemen or women just painted our artwork for the Karlstad bicylce lane with black color and shouted out that it was a protest against “the municipality’s waste of tax payers money”. We are eager to see if the black black paint will result in any deduction of taxes for our protesters, and curious of how who they are. From the experience from setting up the artwork in Karlstad, we suspect Male, 55+ with top gear bicycle. Not the average street artist:)

To be continued…




The artwork “Timmerk√§rlek” sprayed black by protesters


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  • Well, one of the purposeses of art is to create some kind of feeling in the the mind and body of the beholder, is’nt it? So you must have done well if according to that;-) I loved the idea with floating timber.