Favourite Things Pendant Lamp in Stores

Fav Things in Stores
Finally! Our pendant lamp Favourite Things has reached our retailers. It is now available in he following stores throughout Europe:

  • DROOG DESIGN STORE Staalstraat 7b AMSTERDAM t+31 (0)20523 5059
  • INTERNI- M Museumstraat 35 ANTWERPEN t+32 (0)32575755
  • DESIGN CORPORATE EXITS GALLERY Via varese 14 MILANO t+39 (0)236550249
  • FLEUX 39 Rue sainte croix de la bretonnerie PARIS t+33(0)142777385
  • R.O.O.M. Pub – Hötorget, plan 3 STOCKHOLM t+46 (0)86925000
  • DESIGNBUTIKEN I VARBERG Kyrkogatan 1 VARBERG t+46 (0)340644620
  • SLOW FASHION HOUSE www.slowfashionhouse.com ON-LINE

A complete list list of all retailers for all our products is Cheap Ralph Lauren Polo Australia available at: www.chenkarlsson.com/shop/


  • Congrats, make me smile every time I see them!

  • Favorite Things pendant in Paris? Good for Fleux (and good for you!), though I hope you’ll also be able to find other retailers. Let me know!

  • Stort grattis!
    (Och grattis till mig själv också som äntligen, efter ca. ett års otålig väntan kommer kunna sätta ett exemplar över köksbordet.)

  • Is is possible to get this lamp wired for the U.S.? I love it – saw it in the Musee D’Art Modern in Luxembourg, but need it to be wired for teh U.S. I suppose I could have it re-wired, but am wondering if you have already done this.


  • Hej Mary,
    thanks for your interest! Unfortunately we havent got it re-wired yet – but hope to get it ready for the US in the future. Right now we are looking for distributors and hope to make it overseas the comming year, but meanwhile can only offer it tested and approved for Europe and Asia. We do our best to spee up the process!

  • Hi,
    Jost love that pendant lamp, this is so smart!!
    Where is it possible to buy ‘Favorite Thing’ in Paris, France?

  • Hej Sophie! Pardon our late reply, we are glad you like the lamp and also that we have a very nice retailer in central Paris:
    FLEUX 39 Rue sainte croix de la bretonnerie PARIS t+33 (0)142777385 http://www.fleux.com

    Au Revoir / Chen Karlsson team