Favourite Things

A pendant lamp to let your treasured objects be exhibited and highlited beneath a light source. Spread the light and tales of your favorite things.

COLOR COMBINATIONS (cover/textile wire)

SHANGHAI Red / White
CHARCOAL Charcoal / Pastel Green
CLOUD Light Grey Cloud / Gold
MUSTARD Mustard yellow / Navy


CE/CB Certifified

  • E27 flurescent light bulb Max 15W (AC 230V) / 710Lm / Recommended Color 2700k – Warm white, or
  • E27LED – Max 4,4W (AC 230V) / 2700K-3500K – Warm white / 300 Lm / 30k hours

Use with low energy flurescent light bulp or led light only – do not use with “normal” incadescent light bulbs.


  • Hello from Holland!

    I like your ‘ Favourite things’ lamp a lot.
    Where can I buy it?

    Best wishes,
    Francine Oomen

  • these are SUPER amazing.. i’m going to post them on my blog..

  • So cool. Why can’t we American Designers come up with stuff like this? It would look perfect in our studio and my coworkers home. Please update when the lights are coming!!! We dig these.

  • Can I get one of these??? They’re so amazing!

  • PLEASE let me know when these are available! I’m in Love!

  • Very cool idea! Hope I can afford one when you get them out!

  • always a pleasure to see something original yet useable – well done

  • love these.. can’t wait until they are available. please, please let it be soon.

  • Put me on the list for the pendant light. I LOVE it. You’re brilliant.

  • I love your lamp! when and where can I purchase one??!

  • PLease let me know where I can buy one of these lamps in August! Love it!

  • Hello there,

    I love EVERYTHING in here, specially the lamps. Please put me on the list. Could you please let me know their prices? You make deliveries, right? I´m in Argentina and would love to get it! Thanks.

  • I LOVE the lamps, they are so cool! Please put me on the list too, I would very much like to buy one.

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  • I’m looking to help out a current client with some pendant lamps for her shops. This would work so well!! I’m hoping your price point will look just as good! Looking forward to it arriving in it’s stork in august!

  • You’d better make a lot of these, because they are going to be IN DEMAND. If you are keeping a notification list, please put me on it – thanks!

  • Must. have. one. SOON!

  • how much?! how much?!

  • yes please!!! how much and do you ship to Australia? some of my ceramic deer would be oh-so-happy in there!

  • I LOVE this pendant lamp! Please put me on the list for one in white/grey. I just hope I can afford it.
    DO you ship to Australia AND on a practical note, what sort of heat does it emit? Can you put anything inside or are there special requirements?

  • The most brilliant lamps I have ever seen! If there is a list please put me on it, I am already imagining things I will be putting in my lamp…

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  • I adore this! Please do email us when they’re available. I’m in grad school and on a budget – any chance this might be on sale when it debuts :) Seriously, bravo on a great design!

  • […] que además, serán exhibidos para poder contemplarlos como objeto decorativo.Se trata de Favorite Things, un diseño de lámpara creado por Chen Karlsson. Un concepto muy original no solo para iluminar […]

  • I LOVE IT!!! Please email me when they’re available. Hope you do deliveries to London. Thanks.

  • Absolutely brilliant! Please keep me updated as well thanks a lot.

  • I LOVE IT!!! please let me know when I can buy it!

  • Another one here for the waiting list ;D

  • […] neulich bei design*sponge die Lampe “Favourite Things” des Stockholmer Designstudios Chen Karlsson erblickte, naja, ihr wisst schon.. Geniale Idee – liebevolle Schätze werden wie in einem […]

  • I would love to be on the wait list!
    I saw this in a picture but now FINALLY know the source.
    These are great. Thanks!

  • I can’t wait to see one of these on my house. Please let me know when they’re available.

  • Absolutamente encantadora, la deseo!!! ¿Podre conseguirla? Gracias por estos diseños que hacen el día a día más bonito

    Love from Spain

  • very nice. Also interested. please mail wen you know price and retailer.

  • I’m eagerly awaiting your release of these fabulous lamps, too!
    I’m already dreaming of things I will put in it…
    Please put me on that rapidly growing waiting list.

  • Please let me know when they’re available.

  • Waouhhhh !
    Love it so much !!!
    Please let me know when I can buy it :)

  • Fantastic! Absolutly love this lamp!! Please let me know where I can get it!! (Norway or Sweden?)

  • it’s so nice where I can find it in France please tell me i want it in my house

  • I would love to buy one….so GREAT.

  • merci de me prevenir des que cet article sera disponible à paris (france) et à quel prix ?

  • Hello!!!!
    I´m Brazilian, I Want to buy one.. they are beautifulls

  • please add me to the list of people who love the lamp and would like to purchase one.

  • I am dying over here!! I LOVE this light fixture. I check your website constantly for updates about this fixture. I am crossing my fingers on price. I am so in love with it now, there’s no turning back!!

  • je la veux, ou et quand?

  • Such a great lamp – how long I have to wait – when can I buy this.
    Congratulation on the team. Such good work.

  • Hi ,Please let me know when they’re available in France .I’m in love!

  • I’ve been waiting for this lamp ever since I first saw it 2 months ago! Please let me know when and where I could buy one :)

  • These products are simply amazing for babies’ room
    Can you please keep me posted regrding price and location to get it in Turkey
    thanks lot

  • There’re so so beautiful, so poetic…please tell me where I can buy it. At the moment I live in Indonesia but I go often in France.

  • […] “Favourite Things” is a quirkily designed pendant lamp from Chen Karlsson who lists Scandinavian and Asian design tradition as their inspiration. Design enthusiasts will appreciate the thought process behind “Favourite Things” since the idea is to highlight or put the spotlight on your treasured objects which can range from a favorite figurine (as pictured below) or a souvenir your picked from an exotic location. […]

  • I love this lamp, please tell me where i can buy it and what is the price!!!
    Thank you so much.

  • […] compañía escandinavo-asiática Chen Karlsson ha creado las lámparas de techo Favourite Things (Cosas favoritas), que te permiten exhibir tus […]

  • […] Esta lámpara tan extraña, y tan peculiar a la vez, es la lámpara de techo Favourite Things, Cosas Favoritas, diseñada por la compañía escandinavo-asiática Chen Karlsson. […]

  • This is such a great idea! I’m in Canada. Is there any way I can buy it?

  • 你门的灯具是太好。我要这个。
    Please let me know when these are available!!!

  • love it!

  • Please send me a mail when available (in France) !! ***

  • Hi there!

    Lamp looks amazing. where can I buy in Spain? Or else do you sell on-line?.

    Thanks in advance


  • Are these available to buy anywhere yet – UK.

  • Hello ! same question as everybody, where, when, how much ??? !
    these lamps are really amasing !

  • Hi all,

    Thanks for writing and for all the nice comments yo´ve sent us!
    We are working intensively to get it out there. Its still in production
    but our aime is to have it in stores before christmas. Have patience
    with us (-:
    Best wishes from Sweden / Chen Karlsson team

  • i’m talking from brazil and i’m interested in the PENDANT LAMP.
    and i want to know if you can send to brazil, and how many costs.

  • Hye, your “pendant lamp” is just amazing ! I am creating my webside for kids and parents. I am a decorator and would love to sell your product. Will it be possible ?
    I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.
    Kind regards and congratulation again !

  • I am in love! A perfect christmas present for me:-)
    Where to buy in Denmark?

  • […] things and put them on display in this fun pendant lamp from Chen Karlsson. Made of polypropylene, Favourite Things is a colorful pendant lamp with a large area to display whatever you desire.The transparent display […]

  • […] A lamp is not just a simple lighting solution, but can easily add some charm, elegance and grandeur to your home interior, The Favorite Things Lamp comes with a storage/display area in which you could squeeze various objects or decorations. That way you’d share with everyone in your home more than light; a piece of your personality.To see more please visit their site. […]

  • I would also like to know where to get one for my new home..
    greetings from the Netherlands.

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  • Bravo! Fantastic! it’s almost christmas I live in South of France where can I find it?

  • Please can you send me a mail when available (in France) ?

  • […] quero essa luminária Chen Karlsson iluminando a minha […]

  • I love it!!! Where can i get it?

  • Would this also not be a great idea as a terrarium ! I’d love to make one

  • I love it !
    are you planing to ship to Israel?
    I like the charcoal one.

  • Hi! I love it!
    Where can I get it in France, exactly in Paris?

  • Simply BEAUTIFUL!

  • Hello all!

    Many thanks for all your patience. The lamp is now in stores:) Please see the shop section. http://www.slowfashionhouse.com ships all our products worldwide . Take care!

  • […] …THINGS is a pendant lamp where one can place your own favourite things. Let your treasured objects be exhibited and highlited beneath a light source. It is so obvious. so simple. We want to see more of Chen Karlsson. […]

  • We love this and had to publish it. Visit us at http://shapesforms.wordpress.com/

  • This lamp is realy amasing, i do love it. Could you tel me where i can get it. Think you and congratulations for the idea.

  • Hej Sabine!

    Glad to hear you like our lamp. Please visit our “shop” page for retailers, hopefully we have someone close to you! Or see http://www.slowfashionhouse.com, they ship worlwide:)

    best regs

    Johan and Chen Karlsson team

  • Hello from China!
    I like your ‘ Favourite things’ lamp a lot.
    Where can I buy it in China?
    Could you tell me how to buy this?
    Best wishes,
    Thank you!

  • Hey!

    Good to hear from you. Closest retailer would be fun fun town in Taipei, they are ghreat to deal with and will ship safe and secure:


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  • Hello,
    Would like to retail your products , opening store in Santa Barbara , California.
    What is your minimum order and shipping costs to USA?

    Best regards,
    Mary Benenati


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  • i bought your lamp and i love it, BUT even though i used a very soft and dry cloth to clean it after we hung it up, just as you said in your instructions, the transparent part of it got scratched. is there a way to remove the scratches? they are many, but not deep, and they spoil the fun of looking at the otherwise beautiful lamp.
    thank you so much for any ideas.

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  • Hej Mary!

    Please pardon our very, very late reply. Unfortunately our products are not yet available in the US but we hope to get them tested and approved soon. We are screening for a distriubutor as well and hope to make it overseas in the coming year. Ill wend you our catalogue and prices for Europe meanwhile,

    best regards


  • Please do let me know when your Favourite Things lamp is available for distribution in the U.S.

  • I REALLY do want this lamp. I’m decorating an apartment and the current lamp is horrible. I’ll even agree to have this rewired at my expense if you’ll send one with European wiring. Please let me know.

  • I would like the largets one that you sell. They have sevral at teh Mudan Museum in Luxembourg. I see from your comments that some manufacturer in California wants to be your marketer – I promise that if you ship me this lamp, which I will rewire, that I’ll help to sell them. It is just lovely, and I have coveted it since seeing it in Luxembourg.

  • […] A pendant lamp to let your treasured objects be exhibited and highlited beneath a light source. Spread the light and tales of your favourite things. Design for ChenKarlsson. […]

  • Hej Mary,

    We are so glad to hear your enthusiasm! We are in dialoge with à few dealers in the us and hope we can make it soon. However, product testnings and liability regulations takes us some time to navigate, butwe are getting closer. But meanwhile you’d be. Most welcome to order from any of our retailers which shipworldwhite, eg http://www.slowfashionhouse.com or http://www.finnishdesignshop.com.

    We will keep you updated on any progress in the us, best regards and take care,

    Johan (Chen Karlsson)

  • Neither “Slowfshionhouse” nor the scandinavian design center will ship to the U.S. In the Mudan Museum in Luxembourg there were several sizes, as I recall. I truly am willing to have the lamp rewired here, if you could arrange to send the largest one you sell to the U.S.

  • Please tell me when your lamp is available in the U.S. I keep checking and nobody writes back to me.

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  • Hi! This is Clement from Hong Kong…I like this lamp sooooo much… please advise where can I buy it? any online shops selling this? Thanks!

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  • hej Clement!Pardon our late reply. We are working our way to Hong Kong but are not there yet. But meanwhile, please contact our great retailer in Taiwan, FunFunTown, they can surely ship to you. http://funfuntown.com/

    all the best! / Chen Karlsson team

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  • Hej!

    First of all, sorry for missing out your e-mail for almost a year. This should not happend our apologies.

    Yes, there is a way to “deep clean” the lamp and remove minor scratshes using a toothpaste as a mild rubbing. We will make sure to produce a tutorial on this and share here and on our facebook, so stay tuned. And again, sorry for this extremely late response!
    /Johan and team


  • […] Favorite Things is a lamp by designer Chen Karlsson that has a glass shade with a hole, specifically designed as a kind of display case for objects. Put your treasures on display and use the light bulb from the lamp as a spotlight. […]

  • […] Favorite Things is a pendant lamp that allows you to exhibit your favorite objects beneath a light source. It was designed by Chen Karlsson and has a glass shade with a hole to put your greatest treasures on display. Material used in production is polypropylene and the diameter of the lamp is 45 cm. This lamp would look great in a studio or office to expose your prides and also in small gift shops where you can see some of the goods exhibited. […]

  • […] Lampa projektu Chena Karlssona, w której kloszu możesz przechowywać ulubione drobiazgi. […]

  • […] Favorite Things это светильник от дизайнера Chen Karlsson, который имеет оттенок стекла с отверстием, специально разработанное как своего рода путь витрину для объектов […]

  • Hello from Holland!

    I like your ‘ Favourite things’ lamp a lot.
    Where can I buy it?
    I live in Souel South KOREA.

    Best wishes

  • Hello from Soeul, South KOREA.

    I like your ‘ Favourite things’ lamp a lot.
    Where can I buy it?

    Best wishes

  • Hej Hyejin,
    we are very glad you like our lamp! If you are in Hollabnd, you may find it at the droog design store:

    If you are in South Korea, Rooming is the place to go:

    best regards from Sweden

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