A new Favorite Dress: Shanghai Red


Our Favorite Things pendant lamp travelled east for inspiration and got itself a new dress for  the season: Shanghai Red. The new color is available in stores from December 2013. We recommend to wear this bold red outfit with your favorite souvenirs from near and far to brighten the home in the midst of winter.


Description: Shanghai Red lamp body , white textile cord, transparent tank.

In all other respects than the colour this Favourite Things pendant is the very same as its siblings.

To find a retailer – go here

8 December 2013

Come work with us!

work with us

work with us

Employment opportunity, part time (60%), 6 months with possible extension

We seek a professional marketing communications manager to proactively develop our media outreach strategies, create and implement product and service announcements, work with our vendors and strategic partners. We work in an international network of customers and suppliers. As a communications and marketing manager you will work and communicate with people in all levels of these organizations – from the factory floor to top management.

Key responsibilities:

Develop and implement our communication plan. This includes:

  • Build our reach in social channels and create content for our social channels, including Facebook, Instagram and Linked In.
  • Create editorial contents and update our homepage regularly.
  • Create press releases and develop relationships with media.
  • Respond to inquiries and build customer relationships
  • Create and structure sales material in close collaboration with our designers.

Candidate background and experience

You will work with our team and our clients on a regular basis and will have great influence on communications and marketing activities. You are expected to be able to work greatly independently as well as in teams.

Skills and background

  • You are a communicator and possess solid writing skills and proficiency to deliver clear, targeted messages through social media, web and press.
  • You are highly organized and an accomplished problem solver.
  • Strong people skills and ability to manage international customer and media relations
  • A bachelor degree in public relations, journalism, communications or equivalent. Ideally at least two years relevant professional experience.
  • A strong interest in design, business and culture.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office is required. Adobe CS and Word Press a bonus.
  • Proficiency in English is required. Mandarin, Cantonese, Swedish or any other language is a good bonus.

About Chen Karlsson

We are a young, creative and small yet quickly growing scandinavian-asian design studio based in Stockholm, Sweden. With half of our team originating from asia and the other half from Scandinavia, we develop innovative design and public art for the international market.

How to apply.

Send in your application including CV and portfolio/references to jieshi(a)chenkarlsson(dot)com by December 17th the latest.

We look forward to hearing from you!

4 December 2013

Protesting “the waste of tax payers’ money”

Two unknown gentlemen or women just painted our artwork for the Karlstad bicylce lane with black color and shouted out that it was a protest against “the municipality’s waste of tax payers money”. We are eager to see if the black black paint will result in any deduction of taxes for our protesters, and curious of how who they are. From the experience from setting up the artwork in Karlstad, we suspect Male, 55+ with top gear bicycle. Not the average street artist:)

To be continued…




The artwork “Timmerkärlek” sprayed black by protesters


Read the article in Swedish:


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Two unknown gentlemen or women just painted our artwork for the Karlstad bicylce lane with black color in which was said to be a protest against “the municipalities waste of tax payers money”. We are eager to see if the black black paint will result in any deduction of taxes for our protesters, and meanwhile again conclude: We did spark some emotions!

Read the article in Swedish:


14 September 2013


Our designer and artist Tina Karlsson recently received a commission to design a graphic print to a bicycle lane along Klarälven river in the in the municipality of Karlstad, Sweden. Never

would we have guessed that this would trigger so many feelings and reactions. We have had people stop their cars and turning of their bicycles just
to tell us that our art is not appropriate (often using a language not allowed on Facebook!). Neither would we have guessed that we would receive so many mails and phone calls of people expressing their support. Today the story culminated in the main

Swedish television news show. And what is it about? Simplified, stylized graphic figures representing pieces of timber floating along a river. Who said art is not powerful?

Timmerkärlek in the making

Timmerkärlek in the making

12 September 2013


We just ran a competition at our Facebook page on your favourite items to put inside our lamp. Ellen from Belgium illustrated a novel story filled with action, humor and the glimpse in the eye. We had many great entries. Contributions were sent from Denmark, Hong Kong, Belgium, Germany, USA, China, Taiwan and Finland. Stay tuned at our Facebook page as more competitions are to come.



Illustration above; Ellen Carlier

10 May 2013

Shopping around the globe

ck shopping

We are glad to announce that our small company is growing. After 3 years in the trade, most of our customers are to be found in one of the dearest of countries, France. But we are also growing in Europe, China and  Taiwan – and, soon we plan to cross the atlantic to a new partner in the US. If you would be looking for a retailer, please visit the updated shopping list or contact us directly. Merci Beaucoup.

19 March 2013


happy holidays

Winter has come and holidays are finally here. Time to leave office and check in at our small cabins in the snowy forests of Sweden to celebrate holidays and the new year. Before we go, we would just wish to great happy holidays to all friends, customers and partners out there. We look forward to meeting you again in 2013.

23 December 2012

Meet with us at Facebook

Chen Karlsson Team

Chen Karlsson Team

Chen Karlsson Favourite Things Lamp

We just uploaded a bunch of images at our facebook page, among them the album “the Making of Favourite things“. Here you will find out how the product came to live, all the way from the idea which sparked from a visit to the Natural Sciences museum in Stockholm, to a product available in whole Europe and Asia. You will also find images and inspiration boards from our textiles, the platevase, our colletion for Indiska an much more. Welcome to come and visit.

1 Comment26 May 2012


Our pendant hits the news in Taiwan thanks the good support from our friends at Fun Fun Town in Taipei, voila!

30 March 2012

Checking in at Lydmar

checking in at lydmar

At Tuesday the 8th of February the Chinese Girls and Favourite Things check in for a one week stay at Stockholm’s most elegant and friendly hotel: Lydmar. With the good company of beautifully deigned objects by seven other designers at the “treat me like an object” exhibition we are proud to spend the Stockholm design week in good company.

The whole set up is yet another initiative by our dear friends att Meet My Project. The grand opening is at 8.30pm on tuesday , Södra Blasieholmshamnen 2 . The venue goes on throughout the Stockholm design week, but we would high recommend to make a visit on Tuesday evening to set off the design week the best bar and the most renown hotel in the city.

Varmt välkomna!

31 January 2012


chenkarlsson and eno

We are happy to announce that the pleasant people at ENO Studio in Paris are pushing our lamps across the European continent. Their distribution network is far superior to ours and many more people will get a chance to put their favorite things in a hanging vitrine with perfect illumination.

We salute the deal and hope for a great future together with Mathieu and his friends. If you want to know more, visit their website at http://www.enostudio.net/.

We will still be handling Scandinavia and the rest of the world ourselves – for now.

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Chen Karlsson is ready to shine

Chen Karlsson shopping

A long summer of IT-realated idleness is now over. Our hard work of overseeing and coordinating manufacturing has resulted in a new batch being ready at the factory. A lot of lamps (of which a large percentage is going to France) are inspected and cleared, ready for end customers.

Europeans will have to wait for ocean shipping – but we have good supply of white and decent of black. Pacifics can start ordering yellow, black and white now. We look forward to the autumn.

6 September 2011

Glad Midsommar

dancing around the may pole

Our favourite holiday is at the door. We will enjoy the long and bright summer nights together with the ever recurring variations of sill (raw herring) we have for almost thought more. Wish you were here to celebrate with us! And for those of you who can’t, we will be back in office on monday.

Glad Midsommar

Chen Karlsson team

23 June 2011

Favourite Things is now an European Favourite

Our pendant lamp “Favourite Things” has recieved the 2011 European Consumers Award. We are glad to see that our dear lamp is also very dear to so many of you. And as designers we can not be proud enough to note that it was the first product ever to recieve a 10 out of 10 score in the design category. These are the scores – and the very kind words – from the jury. Voila!

Design : 10.0 (first time ever!)
Innovation : 9.8
Ease of use : 9.9

“Designers need to devote as much thinking to lamps as they do to chairs. All new products often adopt old codes and structures or run the risk that their innovation proves utterly non-functional. This object has never been seen before, is easy to install and showcases your very own favourite treasures. Possibly one of the most innovative and interesting creations of 2011”.

“Must be seen to get a sense of the impact. In fact you see the object displayed under many different angles. You rediscover day to day objects and can easily change your decor regularly”.

“Good ideas are where you immediately think « that should already have been created ». The « Favourite Things » should have been invented a long time ago and is therefore a superb idea. This product is not only beautiful and amusing, it brings theatre in the home where you can direct your own lighting and expand the work of the designer”.

About the European Consumers Award

European Consumers Choice is an organisation created to reward European companies who have taken the challenge to produce innovative, intelligent designs and provide added value and ease of use of their products.

Go check it out at and se the other short listed designs at: http://www.europeanconsumerschoice.org/

17 June 2011

CHEN KARLSSON in Paris June 7 – July 16

We at CHEN KARLSSON Ralph Lauren Womens are very glad to announce that we are going to Paris in June.


Location: l’Observatoire du BHV, 14 Rue du Temple, Paris

20 design studios – including the Campana Brothers, Jean

run from June 7th to July 16th, 9:30 to 19:30 (free entry).

More info at: www.meetmyproject.com

Meet us there: we’re exhibiting the Dinner Stories tablecloth, and verakonsulter stories behind it. Add to this a magnificent view of Paris from the exhibition room, and you have absolutely no excuse not to go there. Welcome!

Chen Karlsson Dinner Stories Detail
For more information on Chen Karlsson and our products, please contact us at any time:

6 May 2011

Chen Karlsson goes to Indiska

We are very glad to announce a collaboration with shorts Ralph Lauren Womens Swedish home interior company Indiska, a company with a 110 year (!) track record of bringing Indian design and crafts to the homes in Sweden.

Chen Karlsson Diningware for Indiska

Chen Karlsson Diningware for Indiska

Together with Indiska we have shaped the mini collection ”Karneval” – a set of dining-ware with a decisive Cheap Ralph Lauren Polo Australia footprint in Indian ornament crafts.



The collaboration with Indiska is the first opportunity for Chen Karlsson to work with Indian crafts, art and culture. The collection captures the modern and traditional India – with design inspiration from 18th century Rajastan paintings to Kangha embroidery – and the production techniques mastered by skilled craftsmen in Indiskas factories today .

a cow surprise a sun bather on the beach

a cow surprise a sun bather on the beach

For the Karneval collection we wanted to capture the swarming crowds, the contrasts and the link between man and animal. Only in India can a cow surprise a sun bather on the beach with a morning kiss on the neck – and get away with it!


color scheme for Indiska

Beyond the linkage to Asia, Indiska is also a role model to Chen Karlsson when it comes to integrating business with ethics. More than strict and well worked out codes of conduct, Indiska partners with the India

Peace trust to build genuine development. Over the years Indiska have supported schools, vocational schools, women’s groups and student hostels for girls. We are glad to watch and learn how to improve our own business and social model.

The collection consists of four pieces which all apply the colorful pattern designed by Chen Karlsson. The pattern displays green and pink flowers, elephants, lions and people living together.

For price, availability and high resolution press picture: please see Indiska website: www.indiska.com

18 March 2011

Favourite Things Pendant Lamp in Stores

Fav Things in Stores
Finally! Our pendant lamp Favourite Things has reached our retailers. It is now available in he following stores throughout Europe:

  • DROOG DESIGN STORE Staalstraat 7b AMSTERDAM t+31 (0)20523 5059
  • INTERNI- M Museumstraat 35 ANTWERPEN t+32 (0)32575755
  • DESIGN CORPORATE EXITS GALLERY Via varese 14 MILANO t+39 (0)236550249
  • FLEUX 39 Rue sainte croix de la bretonnerie PARIS t+33(0)142777385
  • R.O.O.M. Pub – Hötorget, plan 3 STOCKHOLM t+46 (0)86925000
  • DESIGNBUTIKEN I VARBERG Kyrkogatan 1 VARBERG t+46 (0)340644620
  • SLOW FASHION HOUSE www.slowfashionhouse.com ON-LINE

A complete list list of all retailers for all our products is Cheap Ralph Lauren Polo Australia available at: www.chenkarlsson.com/shop/

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Chen Karlsson temporary studio in Taichung

As Sweden is entering the fall season we are glad to go south and set up a temporary office in Taichung, Taiwan. Between the green hills of the Taiwanese mountains we have close access to stunning nature, high tempo city life, great food and numerous of skilled industries and craftsmen to help us develop future releases – and also – to finally get our Favourite Things in serial production. If we do thw work we have set us to we can all expect the Favourite Things lamp to hit the shelves just before christmas.

Green dressed mountains - view from studio outside Taichung

Green dressed mountains outside Taichung

Taichung City


Johan and Hung-Ming outside the temporary Taichung Studio


1 October 2010

When east works with west


clockwise; Hung-Ming, Tina, Chen-Yen and Johan

A Scandinavian – Asian design studio producing it´s own homeware collection. What’s in it? Blond birch wood and jade dragons? As for our very first blog post we’d like to share our experience of east vs west, and why we believe these two opposites are not at all as opposite as we first may think.


Johan and Hung-Ming sketching

It’s easy to imagine a vast difference in climate and culture between Taipei and Stockholm. But as we first came together in 2007 at Konstfack University we found our lifestyles and life situations closely intersected, both beeing recently married couples, waiting our first children and sharing the same visions and concerns of family life and professional future.

Chen Karlsson 2008

The east-west gap just didn’t appear in our everyday situations – but as our collaboration evolved we started to spot differences in how we interpret the very same situations. Usually it turns clear at drawing table. Chen-Yen and Hung-Ming take in lots of inspiration from the Nordic functionalism and genious business model and flat-pack design of Ikea, where as Tina and Johan direct the interest to the far east like Chinese drawings, Sung Porcelain and tea rituals. We all seem to experience that the grass is greener on the other side – and ironically the situation often turns out Chen-Yen and Hung-Ming are arguing for simplicity and honesty in materials – when Tina and Johan is promoting figurative ornaments and narratives.

Hung-Ming in workshop

Hung-Ming in workshop

Seeing the very same things but seeing them with different eyes we believe is our very greatest asset – and the origin for most of our products. At our first show “Two famillies and a dog” at Stockholm furniture fair we display the Chen family´s flatpacked “Birdlight” (which is now produced by Hommin) together with Karlssons 100-boys paraphrase “Chinese Girls”. The dog then? Thats our one and only; Rosa, Lagotto Romagnolo, exccellent moodlifter and coach in office and home.



As our lifes have evolved from student to families a new inspiration have entered our lives and practice – our children. The recent Favourite Things lamp came up at a family visit to the museum where it in fact it was our children who saw the potential of the dramatically arranged animals in the glass bins.

The table cloth “dinner stories” is designed as a fairytale on the meter – with a vast landscape of asian and scandinavian history and present mixed together. In platevase we want to display two accuring things in swedish “fika” tradition. One is serving “seven kinds of cookies” when having coofee, and the other to pick wildflowers from outside.


Meeting while kids are sleeping

How about cultural differences then?

Tell us all about them! We have regular updates with our cultural standpoints all the time. It´s really necessary to talk about them. And eventually when all steam has left the building, laugh about it. Often it´s obvious that we have totally different references. Quite frankly its refreshing to be forced into rethink that many times a day as we do when seeking solutions or sketching new ideas.


Tina at drawing table

Finally, a few words on working together as a family. Is it a good thing to do?

Yes! Despite intensive days together – living and sleeping Chen Karlsson and spending Sundays discussing budgets or quality control, the family way of working gives us the flexibility and opportunity to pursue what we really want to do with the people we really want to be with.


Meeting outside

And as we all have small children in kindergarden there are no problems in understanding that some of us might need to take a few days home with sick children – or leave the office at four to pick them up.

Chen-Yen setting colours

In many ways the familly way of working connect us with the former farmer society where the farmer family lived and worked together. We’ve shifted the showel for the pen – but in many other ways life is very similar, wich we believe is a really nice thing.

Chen Karlsson holiday

17 June 2010

Chen Karlsson is online

Chen Karlsson fabric

It’s been quite a wait – now we are really glad to be here! At chenkarlsson.com we will bring across news and updates as well as showcasing our collection. At the blog section we will get more personal and share ideas and impressions of people we meet, places we go to and things we like, on a weekly basis. There is also a press section and a catalogue of retailers so you know where to find us. As the website runs just like a blog it easy for you to comment what we do, and if you like it, share it with your friends on Facebook and other social networks. If there is something you are looking for but can´t find – let us know. We are looking forward to seeing you around!

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